All about DrukBees

The first message we send when someone has a query about DrukBees is: “Dear …. check our details from: WEBSITE: SHOPPING FROM INDIA: DRUKBEESID AND ADDRESS: TRACK GOODS: OFFICE TIME AND DIRECTIONS: ONLINE SHOPS: CUSTOM TAX: OUR CHARGES: We provide very minimal or no phone call support, and will completely do away with phone call support. After this message, we still get query like, “how to get drukbeesid”, “where is drukbees located”, “what are your charges”, “how do we get your address”…………………., We have tried to provide all the details on the links provided above, and all our details, and everything related to our services are made online, and can be availed from the links provided above. We request our clients to check the details, and after getting all the information only, to use our service, so that the users of our service is well aware of all the details.   Thank you   DrukBees