Alternative Phone Number

Dear Valued and Esteemed clients of DrukBees, while shopping from India Online shopping, we would like to request our clients, to specify the alternative phone number that we have given in your address that you use, which is shown in Address link, please use it, for us to be able to get your goods.

Since the final PIN to get delivery of goods is required, and if you have provided our alternative number, as provide on the online address that we provide you, would enable us to pick up your goods without any issues, otherwise the PIN which is not available to get the final delivery of goods, doesnot allow our people in the DrukBees Warehouse India, get delivery of your goods, we request our clients to kindly update the alternative numbers, with the ones we have provided in the unique address that each client gets from

We also request our clients to provide the correct address as shown in your My DrukBees for each shopping site, where for Amazon is different and for others it is different, and not to use the address meant for Amazon for other shopping sites.

Thanking you

Sincerely, DrukBees Management