Announcement: In continuation to our earlier announcement, we would like to request our clients that for few days, we are going to update our warehouse system in India, and also we are planning to open additional warehouse in India, therefore there will be few disruptions for few days, and we request our clients to make minimal order during this week starting today till 17th of this April 2021, to accommodate the changes we are bringing to better serve our customers.
And also due to election in India, there has been some disruptions in the logistics and warehouse in India, hence many goods are held up, and we are working to clear the backlog, and would be able to normalize the services after 17th of April 2021, also to provide smooth service and to clear the backlog, we have also cut down on the ORDER FOR ME service, which will also be impacted due to the situation for sometime, hence we request our ORDER FOR ME client to bear with the situation for few days.
We therefore solicit your support and our sincere apology for the disruptions that will be caused in the coming days for few days.
Thank you