Delivering Soon:

Opening of counter in Thimphu, New Updates: We would like to update our clients, that with the declaration of the opening of the maga zones in Thimphu, and with the permission to open shops and others, till 5 PM, starting yesterday, we are happy to announce that DrukBees will open it’s office and delivery counter in Thimphu, starting today as soon as our Staffs are tested, which is scheduled for testing of Covid, if not as soon as the mass test completes for our staff to move to office, and also we will be transporting the goods from our warehouse, which needs to be transshipped from the warehouse to Thimphu, as our warehouse falls under the high risk area. We will be able to deliver your goods through our counters in a day or two. We understand our clients must be eagerly waiting to receive their online ordered goods, and must be very excited, and we are going to work on getting it delivered in a day or two, which is the transportation time required, and also for our counters to get it ready in Thimphu. As the goods is in huge number, and which has been accumulated for over two months, we will be delivering in sequence of oldest goods first, and also to maintain the required procedure as set for the opening of the shops, we will be sending SMS notification to customers for collection of the goods, and we request our clients to only visit our counter after receiving the sms, to collect the goods. Thank you DrukBees Management