DrukBees Credit

DrukBees Credit, is an easy, fast and instant management of your DrukBees Refunds, payment for confirmation of goods, transfer of your credit to any mobile number instantly, and withdrawal of your credit to your bank accounts. With DrukBees Credit you can process and pay all services of DrukBees and partner service providers.

The service will be available, even if the online banking services are not available, which will make it convenient to make online payments instantly and easy from your DrukBees Web Services, available from https://my.drukbees.com

DrukBees Credit, will be available all the time, when DrukBees services are available, therefore making it easy to process all services related to DrukBees without any issue and problems. We therefore request our clients to avail this services. All refunds from DrukBees will be instantly credited to your DrukBees Credit from now onwards, which you can use it for payment of DrukBees services, or withdraw it to your Bank Account.

For more details, please visit https://my.drukbees.com and use the DrukBees Credit link. You can also use it to send and receive money from any mobile number or send to any mobile number.

Thank you.

DrukBees Management