DrukBees Cube

DrukBees Cube, an automatic parcel dispensing machine, is now operational. You can request your goods to be put to cube from your My DrukBees account, via https://my.drukbees.com, the goods that have reached the delivery counter. Once your goods are put in the cube, you will get an automated SMS, from where you can scan the QR code in the cube, and get delivery of your goods, 24/7. The cube is currently located in front of the DrukBees office, outside, which is accessible 24/7 for convenient delivery of your goods, anytime at your convenience without having to visit the counter during working hours of the counter people. This will hopefully reduce waiting time, and provide convenience to our esteemed clients.

We will introduce more of this automated DrukBees Cubes, in and around the country and in places where we have more customers, to ensure a 24/7 delivery option that our clients can enjoy.