DrukBees Customer ID

We would like to provide a better service to our clients, by using DrukBees ID as your online purchase address, we would be able to exactly identify our valued DrukBees Clients, and provide them the service, as many fake clients are using our address, and it is hampering our genuine clients, therefore please use your DrukBees Customer ID in your online address and also get the benefit of 10 % discount on your transportation cost. We will be bringing more value added service and benefits to our genuine DrukBees clients with DrukBees customer id, the format of using the address is attached. Also there should not be any Bhutan mobile number reflected in your Online Orders from India, to get this benefit with our DrukBees Customer ID benefit of 10 %, if you have any query, you can visit our COD counter in Thimphu and get detailed clarification. Thank you. DrukBees Management Address Format Example: The DrukBees ID 34KD88T57158235 Shown in the example is just for example, and you will get your DrukBees ID in your mobile as SMS from DrukBees, if you are a registered client of DrukBees.