DrukBees Scan Pay

DrukBees scan pay, is a QR code scan and pay, the payment can be done from any Bank Accounts of Bhutan, and also use the DrukBees credit, to pay for all services of DrukBees (Inclusive of Home / Office Delivery, CUBE Payments, Counter Payments, Goods confirmation payments). DrukBees Scan Pay, can also be used for the payments in the DrukBees counters, which is an auto generated QR code with all the payments details, the total amount needs to be paid, the AWB of the goods, and all are auto generated, therefore there is no hassle of inputting amounts and other details. The payment gateway is secured with OTP authentication, and via RMA payment gateway for payment from Banks in Bhutan.

A convenient, fast and automated means of paying for all DrukBees related services. The other advantage is the DrukBees credit service is always online for the payment, even if the other banking payment services are down, the DrukBees credit payment can still be used from DrukBees Scan Pay in the event other banking services are down. We would like to urge our esteemed customers to use this service for convenience and faster online payment. DrukBees Scan Pay is linked with DrukBees credit, where your refund and others which are credited in your DrukBees credit can be utilized and used for DrukBees services.