To valued customers of DrukBees, we would like to announce that DrukBees is not associated with any company or firms, some firms or people are asking our customers to deposit money in their account for online goods, which we would like to caution that DrukBees will never provide any personal account, we only provide our company account, bank account of DrukBees for any transactions with DrukBees, therefore please be cautious and not to fall in the trap of some fake agents and others, who will try to make claims of associations with DrukBees and might take your money.
Check if the account provided is DrukBees company account, before you make the transfer or payment. Ensure the company is registered company in Bhutan, and check if they are legal courier company that can actually import the goods, which can be verified with the Trade and Customs office in Bhutan, to ensure your money and goods are not lost, we are providing this caution to our valued clients, as there are many instances of fake agents and people using the name of DrukBees and have taken money from our people and clients, and they have lost their money.
We also would like to inform that we are not associated with BODH Logistics or Colors of Himalayas from India, as some of our clients have been informed by some of the fake agents that we are associated with them, this is not true and we donot have any association with them, therefore DrukBees has no business dealings with those two firms or any, that may claim to our clients.
DrukBees Management