Get your Fastag

We’re thrilled to announce that DrukBees now offers Fastag services for seamless travel on Indian tollways! 🇮🇳✅

Why choose DrukBees Fastag?

🌐 Widely accepted across toll plazas in India

💨 Faster and hassle-free toll payments

📲Convenient online recharge options

🔒 Secure and RFID-enabled technology

Getting your Fastag is now easier than ever! Simply visit our website at and experience the convenience of swift toll payments.

Key Features:

🛡️ RFID Stickers for efficient toll booth passage

🌍 Nationwide acceptance at toll plazas

🚀 Quick and easy online application process

🔄 Automated toll deductions for a seamless journey

Ready to make your travel experience smoother and more efficient? Visit our website today and get your DrukBees Fastag! 🚗💨