Service Charge

We would like to bring to the notice of our esteemed clients, that starting 1st of April 2023, our service charge will be increased to 7 %. The increase in service charge will be effective for all goods that will be delivered from 1st of April 2023, therefore we would like to request our esteemed clients to make note of the changes and plan accordingly your online purchase. All our other charges remains the same, and we had to make this upward revision to factor in lot of increase in cost, and being done to be able to continue providing additional and better services in the days to come. We also would be reducing the delivery time of the goods, make 24/7 access to goods delivery via our CUBE service, home delivery services during office hours, and hotline number 3990 for better customer service.

We look forward to continued support from our esteemed clients, and whenever and wherever possible, we will bring better service, and as and when cost of operations decreases in future, we will accordingly bring down our charges. Thank you, DrukBees Management.