Home / Office Delivery

We now will deliver DrukBees goods or orders to your home or office, during our office hours. The system has GPS integrated, and home delivery request can be made, via the SMS through the home delivery link, that we send when your goods reaches our delivery counters. You can confirm your home delivery via the link, and you can pin your delivery location in the automated GPS map, you can also name the delivery place for more convenient delivery, and also leave delivery note for our delivery person to be able to provide instructed delivery of your goods. Presently we are starting our delivery service only in select places, and soon we will start in all places.

The service is now available in Thimphu, and soon we will cover other places. Do check our your sms for the home / office delivery link to confirm your delivery at the place of your convenience. We will bring in more services to our esteemed clients for making our service more efficient, effective and convenient to our esteemed clients.