Important Announcement

Announcement: This is to notify users of DrukBees, as per the updated procedures for declaration of Online Purchased goods by the online shoppers, of DrukBees user, as to comply with the declaration of goods at the entry point of Bhutan, we have updated our new goods confirmation process, to capture the required data as required by Bhutan Customs for declaration of goods. The following are the changes that is implemented and will be in effect immediately as per this announcement.
  1. All goods has to be categorized, which means, the goods that you buy online, and while confirming the goods, we have made an option for our users to choose the category of the goods, which needs to be done, and we have made the option to choose the category while you confirm the new goods.
  2. All PRE-PAID Goods, which comes as Zero (0) value goods, has to be updated with the correct purchase value of the goods, this means the prepaid goods that comes as prepaid with no value of the goods on the package of the goods, needs to be updated by the customers, while confirming the new goods, this option has been updated in the system, and you will need to update the actual value of the Zero / Prepaid goods value in the confirmation page, which will be used for the purpose of custom declaration, and the actual value will be the value of the goods for all TAX purposes while declaring the goods to Bhutan Customs.
  3. The E-Commerce allowance or TAX Exemption is applicable on the day of the arrival of the goods in Bhutan Customs / On the day of declaring the goods at Bhutan Customs, which will be sum of all the goods that are there as total per customers, and will be applied on the total value of all goods combined. The TAX exemption will be for total value of goods upto BTN 3,000 (Three Thousand) and for the SUM of value of goods above BTN 3,000 will be liable for TAX on the total amount exceeding BTN 3,000
  4. To declare the goods, there is the need of Citizen ID Card number of any official identification document number as required by the Bhutan Customs for the declaration of the goods, and the system has option to collect the information, which we request our customer to provide the valid data, and also at times Bhutan Customs officials will make personal calls, to get the required data and other details, which we solicit support from our customers to provide the necessary details as requested.
  We would like to request our clients / users / customers to take note of this new changes, and to provide us your continued support. DrukBees Management