Important Notice on Delivery Time and Refunds

Important notice: Please refer our terms and conditions and also online shopping details and others via And we request our users to check the details first before using our service, as we have seen many using our service without understanding the terms and conditions, and have their expectations not met, and disappointed, therefore we once again request our users to please check the details, and to only use our service, if it suits your shopping needs.
Thank You.
Important Note: Please read our terms and conditions and also all other details below, before you use our service. “The delivery of goods will take atleast 2 weeks (14 days) from the day it is delivered by the online shop’s courier or delivery agent to DrukBees agent in India, and therefore we cannot deliver your goods before this time frame, if you have urgent needs and need the goods before this time frame, we advice not to use our service” “Some customer’s goods gets returned after their confirmation and pre-payment to DrukBees, this at time happens, if our agent finds your goods are tampered, spoilt or has issues with the package, it is returned to the online shop to ensure quality check and protect your investment, thus any payments you have made to DrukBees can be refunded after 10 days, once we confirm and get the goods in Bhutan Warehouse, and when we get to check it physically to verify the missing goods which were returned, after the mandatory quarantine period and after the completion of due process for imports of Online orders, and then only we are able to verify, so you need to wait for at least 10 (ten) days to get your refund, if you feel this is too long, again our advice is to not to use our service, as we do not want to disappoint our customers.” Our sincere request to our customers, or new users, to please read our terms and conditions, before placing any order or using our service, we want to ensure we provide the best service we can and we are able to provide following the procedure and process in place, which takes time, and we don’t want to disappoint our users, who have high hopes, and want speedy delivery or quick refund in a day or two, which is not possible from our side.
Thank you DrukBees Management.