Membership Registration

DrukBees would like to make this special announcement, that you can now become a DrukBees Members, and enjoy membership benefits. As a member of DrukBees, you get a special transportation fees of BTN 100 only per packet, delivered from DrukBees counter in Bhutan, whereas the normal transportation charge per packet is BTN 150. You also have special service of ensured package pick from the online shops in India, longer hold period of goods in our warehouse, and many special benefits of membership. Get registered and become a DrukBees Member for a one time fee of BTN 1000 only. For membership registration, you can visit DrukBees counter in Thimphu, and we will also make it available for self registration via online link, we will share soon. Thank You.
For Self Registration to become a Registered DrukBees Member and Enjoy Membership benefits, please visit the link: