My DrukBees, is the latest addition to DrukBees system, this will make it easier for people to register as DrukBees Client, get DrukBees ID, and also the latest updated online shopping address, and many features, that DrukBees customers can use it as a self service portal, related to every service that DrukBees provides, this is made to ensure timely support to our customers, and ultimately be able to provide 24/7 service to all our customers, and also new customers, without having to wait for answers to your queries and others related to DrukBees. Please do visit the web apps at running on a secure platform, with every possible service you would require from DrukBees is being catered through it, whether opening a new account, or existing clients needing to update address, wanting to know your DrukBees ID, to be able to track your goods, wanting to check if you have missed SMS from DrukBees, or confirmation for your goods, all features are now available through My DrukBees, it is for you, and we will be adding features to it, as we move on, with your feedback and with your support we will strive to improve our services each day. Warm Regards DrukBees Management.