New Year and Losar 2021

Happy New Year and Losar: Wishing all our clients, well wishers, and all a very happy 2021, the year 2020 has made us all strong, it was a tough year, yet we were all fortunate to be born in this wonderful country of our, Bhutan, with the love and care from our beloved Majesty’s, the government, and all the people, who worked tirelessly, with one thing in mind, to come out of this pandemic together, stronger, and safe. Many made sacrifices, many had nothing left, but with one common hope, and one common shared love of our Kings, we would like to wish all a happy year and losar, 2021. May the year ahead and years ahead, bring happiness, and prosperity to everyone. Thank you to our wonderful clients, despite not being able to serve for the past Eight Months, we are still being supported by you all, despite all odds, and also we not being able to fulfill our services, you all understood us, it is with your love, your trust and your support, we are able to withstand this odds, and we are hopeful to come out stronger, and make it in the years ahead, with the best service we can offer to you all. Thank you to all the staffs of DrukBees, despite not being able to fulfill many of the obligations as a employer, not being able to support in full, and having to make do with the best we could offer during this hard time, we are ever grateful, and we will continue to work together, and make it better in the coming year and years ahead, we are here as a team, and only with your support and hard work, we are able to work and we are here. And once more a happy new year and losar to all. We will strive to make it better the year 2021. Warmest Regards ad Greeting to All From DrukBees Management At: (Thimphu, Paro, Nganglam and Phuntsholing)