Important Note: Please read our terms and conditions and also all other details below, before you use our service.

“The delivery of goods will take atleast 1 week (7 days) from the day it is delivered by the online shop’s courier or delivery agent to DrukBees agent in India, and therefore we cannot deliver your goods before this time frame, if you have urgent needs and need the goods before this time frame, we advice not to use our service”

“Some customer’s goods gets returned after their confirmation and pre-payment to DrukBees, this at time happens, if our agent finds your goods are tampered, spoilt or has issues with the package, it is returned to the online shop to ensure quality check and protect your investment, thus any payments you have made to DrukBees can be refunded after 10 days, once we confirm and get the goods in Bhutan Warehouse, and when we get to check it physically to verify the missing goods which were returned, after the mandatory quarantine period and after the completion of due process for imports of Online orders, and then only we are able to verify, so you need to wait for at least 10 (ten) days to get your refund, if you feel this is too long, again our advice is to not to use our service, as we do not want to disappoint our customers.”

Our sincere request to our customers, or new users, to please read our terms and conditions, before placing any order or using our service, we want to ensure we provide the best service we can and we are able to provide following the procedure and process in place, which takes time, and we don’t want to disappoint our users, who have high hopes, and want speedy delivery or quick refund in a day or two, which is not possible from our side.

Thank you

DrukBees Management.

Online Shopping

  • The concept of online shopping is bit different than your normal shop, here an online store is just a medium where sellers, buyers, transporter, banks, delivery counter, and many come together to make this happen for you.
  • There are many online shop worldwide, some send their goods to all over, some only to their respective country.
  • For Example: Myntra sells only to Indian customers, likewise, Flipkart, snapdeal and many more are for the Indian customers only.
  • We have DrukBees online shop, we sell only to Bhutanese customers, and the shipping charge is just BTN 10 only within Bhutan from our delivery counters for goods brought from DrukBees Online Shop.


Online Shopping Terms

  • COD/POD mean cash on delivery / Pay on Delivery, it means that you will pay in cash when the good is being delivered to you, in the currency of the store, for instance if the online store is from India, you will pay cash in INR/BTN. (For the customers of Bhutan, the payment is to be made when the goods are delivered to our DrukBees Agent in India, who take delivery of your goods and you are sent a SMS for epayment of the COD/POD and should be paid within 1 day to be able to pick up or retain your goods, otherwise it will be returned and your address gets blocked by the online seller)
  • There are conditions for return, refund or replacement of your orders, please read that carefully on each store you buy goods from.
  • There is also a time-frame for any complaints or others in each online store, again please take a note of that.

Is it Cheaper to buy it online

  • Yes, it is cheaper to buy it online, because it is direct from the seller, and also it cuts down on many expenses like physical stores, and it runs 24/7.
  • Also the buyers have choice, and hence competition because of the wider reach of the online stores, and also because many sellers sell the same thing, the competition that is transparent reduces the price a lot.

Address Format while buying from Indian Online Store

  • Please use our address format, while buying from any Indian Online store, so that we can then collect it and deliver to you from our Counters in Bhutan.
  • Address will be in the format: C/O DrukBees, DrukBeesID, To get your DrukBeesID and Address or you can use our self service portal from
  • We need your C/O DrukBees, DrukBeesID in your shipping address for us to confirm and pick up your goods.
  • We need the DrukBees ID in your shipping address to know that you are our client, so that we will take delivery of your goods from India from the online shop that sells to you and can deliver in our address.
  • We need you to register with us as DrukBees Clients and get a DrukBees ID, for us to deliver your goods from our counters in Bhutan that we have at present, which can be done via
  • Your address should be in accordance to the address that is being provide to your from our self service portal vide for us to be able to pick it up. And you are requested to keep your address updated on timely basis as per the details in MyDrukBees.
  • If the online store needs an Indian Mobile number, you can use 8670434844 as the alternative number for your address, this number is not for registration on the online stores, and neither to be used for registration as it will require OTP sent to the number, and we do not provide that service on the numbers which we are providing here as alternative number for the courier agents in India to deliver your goods to our agent only, and for that specific purpose.
  • You need to constantly update you PIN CODE, which we have in our myDrukBees apps at
  • And lastly the online stores blocks your account if you do not collect the goods your ordered, and the account is shared among many online service providers, and once blacklisted you may not be able to avail online services from many of them.
  • Visit our self service portal at for your shopping address.
  • For any other updates, we will share via the MyDrukBees apps, which will be updated as and when we have new details, therefore please use it for all service / query and others related to DrukBees

Do’s and Don’t of Online Shopping

  • Do not order goods just for fun, or if you do not need it, as it involves lot of expenses to the supplier and those providing you the service.
  • In the event you found that you have mistaken, and ordered wrongly, there is always an option the cancel the order before it gets delivered, in your store, once it gets delivered in your store, it means, we have paid for the goods to the store and in transit, so after that you will have to get delivery of the goods.
  • Once your details is captured online and if you do not take delivery of your order or goods, your details are blacklisted / blocked and shared by online service providers, which will block you from future online service, which you might genuinely need in future as that is how everything will be in future.
  • Do not let yours friends or others use your account, because if they do not collect it, you get blocked and blacklisted.
  • Always take a careful look at the terms and conditions of the online store from where you are buying the goods from.
  • Check whether the online shop is genuine and trusted, and also check if it is a secure site, a secure site usually has https instead of the just the http server.
  • Do not threaten or scold the delivery counter people, they are just there to deliver your goods, they are in no way related to the online stores you are buying your goods from, it would be polite to smile to them, who are trying hard to deliver your goods.
  • Check the packing of the goods properly before getting the delivery, to avoid any tampered packing.

Notifications and Alerts

  • We notify our clients via email and SMS and MyDrukBees apps which is automatically done by our system.
  • We notify when your new goods arrive at our Warehouse in India.
  • We notify, when the goods arrive our warehouse, in Bhutan.
  • We notify, when the goods are in Transit within Bhutan, which is usually the goods being transported from our warehouse to the delivery counters in Bhutan.
  • We notify our clients, when the goods arrive at the delivery counters in Bhutan, and when you get this message, the goods is in the counter, it means it is ready to be collected.
  • We notify when the goods is delivered to the client, it also ensures that the owner knows that the goods is being delivered, this is important in case of pre-paid goods, where the owner will know if the goods has been picked up by someone else, thus it is important that you update your email address following the links in the notification message that we send for those who do not have email address in our system.
  • We will also notify and alert our clients when their goods are accepted for return by our delivery counters.
  • We will notify or alert our clients when their goods is handed over to the Indian courier partner for return / replacement or refund.
  • We also notify or alert our clients whenever there are changes and updates that impact or change the way we provide our service.
  • We also notify or alert our clients, when we have important notification or announcements related to our service.

Return of Goods

  • The original packing of the goods has to be maintained for returning the goods.
  • Goods should be in the same condition as it was received, it should not be damaged, used or changed while returning.
  • You will need to complete the return process from your order from where you bought the goods before sending it.
  • You will have to have the return id / exchange id and the return date before coming to the counter for return.
  • A return charge as the same charge will be levied to send the goods back, or we do not charge return charge for goods which are completely not as per the order to help our customer.
  • Your will get the refund of the return goods as soon as the online shop refunds he goods and once you bring the refund details to our delivery counters.
  • And the return pick up date that is provided by the Indian courier agents to be at least a week / 7 days from the day you will drop the goods in our delivery counters in Bhutan, as we need to transport it back to the Indian courier agents from Bhutan, and also follow due process for return with the customs and others within Bhutan and India.

All Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  • Once the goods have been ordered using our address or by becoming a client of DrukBees, you agree to collect and pay for the goods from our counters in Bhutan.
  • We confirm collection or sale of goods via any of the medium, either by calls, email or as SMS message that you have entered or provided either in the goods shipping address, or in your account details.
  • We also remind our customers every five(5) days / or deemed necessary via SMS or our notification channel to collect the goods that have been ordered by you from our address provided by us.
  • Goods once ordered and having reached our counter, you need to pay and collect the goods, and follow the procedures for return / refund or any other issues.
  • You also agree to collect your goods within limited time as possible and not to prolong or keep it pending without collecting it for long.
  • As we share our database with many online firms, financial institute and others, we blacklist and filter mobile numbers, and also other online service providers might deny the service to you, if you donot collect or pay for the goods ordered by you or in your name or in your mobile number or in your email address.
  • We also have the right to disclose the names of bad clients / blacklisted clients as deemed necessary in many forms of media, when required to make it possible to deter bad clients / Fake Clients/ Blacklisted clients and to protect our investment.
  • We have the right to reject our service to you, and in no way we are responsible to provide you the service as required by you.
  • We are legally authorized service provider, as per the license issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bhutan, and Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan for the establishment of Online Service Provider in Bhutan.

Refund / Replacement of Goods:

  • You need to first collect your goods from our counter and make the necessary payment as per the charges and details mentioned in the COD Counter.
  • Once you receive the goods after payment, you will have to process for refund or replacement from the online store that you bought the goods from, and not from DrukBees, DrukBees is just a service provider, where we bring and deliver the goods you have ordered.
  • We do not know what you have ordered and your order details, therefore please do not ask us what it is and do not blame us for the wrong order you have made or the wrong order the supplier or online shop has sold you, you must abide by the online shop’s terms and conditions set forth and take your refund or replacement issues with the online store.
  • We will try to help you in all way possible, but it is not our responsibility, you should carefully study the terms and conditions of each online store you buy goods from, and comply to it.
  • Do not accept goods which is found tampered or the goods packing not in proper condition. Once you accept the goods and take it from us, it is your responsibility.
  • You need the original package if you wish to return / replace / exchange the goods, and the goods in the same condition as it was received, it should not be used, tampered, or changed.

Charges / Service Fee / COD Fee

  • All purchase made online are payable in INR / BTN, which is paid to the online store on behalf of you by DrukBees, which involves banking charges, bank fees, insurance, custom clearing, loading, unloading of goods, online platform (SMS, Emails, Web Application, Mobile Apps (Android and IOS)) and transfer and other administrative charges and is calculated at 7 (seven) percent as Service Charge for the value of the goods. (for pre-paid goods, if the value of goods is not displayed, a flat 100 BTN will be added as service charge for pre-paid goods that do not display value of goods)
  • Once the goods reaches India, we collect, screen the goods, and ensure that we give confirmation SMS to the clients with correct address and DrukBees ID, once you confirm goods via following the SMS link for confirmation, and necessary process followed, then goods will be collected by DrukBees, we only pick up or collect those goods of our clients. We also keep record of the confirmation SMS/Alerts made.
  • The confirmation SMS link will expire within stipulated time, and it will be updated as and when the requirements changes with the courier agents in India, hence we request if the confirmations can be made at the earliest to avoid return or cancellation of your orders.
  • We do all the processing as per the rules and regulations of the country, and then we transport the goods to the counter where we charge the service fee for all our service inclusive of custom process, transportation, transfer of goods and all administrative expenses per package.
  • The minimum Transportation Fees is BTN 180.00 till our Counters, it could be more depending on the size and weight of the package, a normal package is below 1 kg of weight and below 20 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms, our advice is you order goods worth the size and volume and avoid ordering very small packets.
  • The transportation charges for goods above the normal package size of 1 kg of weight and dimensions above 20 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms, will be charged extra, which could be anywhere between 50 to 10000 BTN as per the size and weight as additional to the normal transportation charges.
  • All goods that has reached the counter at the time of pick up has to be picked up together. No part pick up, full payment for all goods. Until full payment of all goods is made at the counter, the goods is not yours.
  • Also please keep yourself updated by using our self service portal at
  • There are others charges, which is Custom Tax, Duty and Declaration Form Charges for the goods declared, and the details of this charges are explained below, in the Important Customs Rules and Regulations for the E-Commerce Goods section.

Any feedback or want to contact us, use the online form, email, or our facebook messenger from our facebook page, or please visit our office, we will not entertain any phone calls, as we need to have proof of communications for any service related to us, and by using the mediums or channels mentioned here, helps us keep those records for the purpose of record and cross verification by the management in the event where auditing is required.

Important Customs Rules and Regulations for the E-Commerce Goods

  • As per the customs rules and regulations of Bhutan, you are allowed to bring in goods worth of BTN 10,000=00 (Ten Thousand Only), purchased from E-commerce online shop, free of duty.
  • Goods worth above 10,000=00 will be accessed and tax levied as per the classification of goods as per customs act, and for instance goods of garments and textile will levy a tax of 10 % of the value of goods, which will be calculated above BTN 10,000=00 and the difference value will be charged the TAX as per the classification of goods. And goods above 10,000 will have additional payment of BTN 100 paid for D-FORM (Declaration Form) to clearing agent for clearing the goods. ( TAX + BTN 100), this is the custom tax, duty paid to Bhutan Customs, and Declaration Form charges paid to the Clearing Agents of Bhutan Customs for clearing of the goods.
  • You need to provide your Citizen ID Card Number, and TPN (Tax Payer Number) Compulsory to get this allowance, if not provided this allowance will not be allowed (Get your TPN number from, for goods above BTN 10,000=00 to clear the goods with the Customs, and the total taxable amount is all your goods value added together on the day of declaration under one Citizen ID number. (Example, you have 3 packets each worth 4000, your total goods worth is 12,000 for the three packets, therefore your goods value is above 10,000 and is liable for tax as per above mentioned calculations)
  • For pre-paid goods, the custom tax will be calculated on the value of the goods if it is printed on the label of package, otherwise it will also be accessed at par with the value of goods in the open market in Bhutan, even if the value of the goods is printed as Zero value, or if it is believed to be undervalued.
  • Pre-paid goods that has no value of goods printed in the outside label of the goods, its value will have to be accessed  during the delivery from the counters, by way of payment made for the goods, or invoice that is sent with the goods which would be available when the package is open, those documents needs to be checked for custom tax / duty and declared by paying appropriate tax.
  • Goods which are in the prohibited list should not be ordered, and we will not be delivering those goods.
  • DrukBees Courier Service Agent, under DrukBees E-Commerce platform / Service provider will be providing the delivery of the goods from outside territory of Bhutan, purchased through licensed e-commerce online shops only (Either within or Outside the Country).
  • We will not be involved in delivery of goods from outside country which is not from a licensed e-commerce online shop of that country, and we have the right to deny service from any particular e-commerce stores, which we believe have issues with quality of goods, services or any other issues deemed important and necessary in our line of business.
  • We also would like to remind our customers not to buy and products which are restricted in the country, not listed in the Customs Act, such as plastic, tobacco related products, animals and plants as restricted by BAFRA and any other impose or bans are restricted by the Government from time to time.

We solicit your support and also adherence to the rules of the country, for us to provide a good and satisfactory service to all our valued E-Commerce clients in the Country.

Please use our services only if you agree to all the conditions and details mentioned in here, and our other terms, conditions and details mentioned in the link

You can also check the Department of Customs website for TAX details

Restricted Goods as per Bhutan Customs for any form of import

Thank you.

DrukBees Management.

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