ORDER FOR ME ?, is the new added service DrukBees will provide it’s customers, where a customer is not able to order themself, from the online stores in India, as some are not able to register on the Online Shop, some not able to avail COD / POD from the online shops, thus we are offering this service so that our clients can enjoy hassle free online shopping through us. You can use https://my.drukbees.com to avail this service, once you log in to my.drukbees.com you can find the link ORDER FOR ME, which can be used for this service. In few simple steps you can avail this service, what you need is the URL of the product, for example This is an example URL from Amazon.in online shopping site https://www.amazon.in/DMakTM-Waterproof-Outdoor-Industrial-Warranty/dp/B06WP3RB9M/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=ifvAH&pf_rd_p=2091eba6-53e7-426b-8dcc-545aafe6bcc9&pf_rd_r=HS2GC4Y4WAF4QWMY6HA7&pd_rd_r=3748cfda-0081-416b-bc46-f692b4e63d82&pd_rd_wg=e7URS&ref_=pd_gw_bmx Then you need to specify the QTY you need, the Colour and Size if relevant, and submit your ORDER LIST, which will be sent by the system to our online shopping assistant, it will verified, checked, and a quote will be provided to you by the system, which can been seen in my.drukbees.com and also you will get an SMS notification with quote from DrukBees, once confirmed, your order will be taken care and delivered to your place of delivery as registered in my.drukbees.com account / profile. The other advantages of ORDER FOR ME service is instant refund if the goods are not as per order, hassle free return, and confirmed pick up from the online shop.   DrukBees Management.