Paro COD Counter

We would like to announce that we have opened our Paro COD counter, therefore when you confirm your goods for pickup, we have made an options for you to select the delivery location or place for the goods. You can choose the delivery location from the options available, in your confirmation for pickup. As Show in the image, this is how the delivery option can be selected, this option is available when you get SMS for goods pick up confirmation, and you can choose the location on the confirmation page, which will be effective from that day and for those confirmed goods. You can select or update it anytime, whenever you want to change it, or if you are in a different place, and want to deliver it to a different location available, it can be updated on that page. Meanwhile, we will be opening many new counters soon, and you have the choice to choose your delivery locations based on those updated new COD Counters of DrukBees. Our location in Paro Dawa Transport, Bus Stop, behind bus booking ticket counter office. Google Map Location   Thank you, DrukBees Management