Prepaid Online Orders

Important Notifications: For all online shoppers, who use drukbees address for online shopping from Indian online shops, using prepaid orders or prepaid payments, we would like to make this important and urgent notifications, that it has come to our notice that several customers, who have done prepaid orders, have their goods status as delivered in their online shop’s order list or order status, but the goods has not been delivered to our DrukBees Agent in India. So, we request our users, to immediately lodge complain on the online shop, or online store you bought the goods from, within a day or two if you donot receive a SMS or email notifications from DrukBees, for your new goods, if the status of your prepaid goods orders is show as delivered and you donot get any new goods notification from DrukBees, this usually means the delivery agent or courier of the online shop has not delivered the goods to our DrukBees Agent in India, thus it could be issue of goods not being delivered by the delivery agent of the online shop, and hence you need to immediately inform the customer care or customer support of the online shop you bought the goods from. This is a cautionary announcement to our users, so that their prepaid goods are not misplaced or lost, or taken by some other people. Also we advice our users to put our Indian Agent’s mobile number as an alternative number in your shopping address (provide in, so that our agent gets notification or the other details required to collect your prepaid goods, like the PIN for delivery, and to secure your online prepaid orders. Thank you DrukBees Management