Track Goods: , we understand that our clients must be at times wondering where their goods are, when will the goods reach, we have paid but did DrukBees pick up the goods, and so many questions. We also understand that you must have tried our office phones, our website, our messengers, to know where your goods are, therefore to make it easier for our customers, we have a tracking site, where you can now exactly track your goods, from the goods with the final delivery point of the Indian Third Party Couriers company, to our Warehouse in India, to our Warehouse in Bhutan, goods on transit within Bhutan, and Finally goods in the delivery counter of your choice of DrukBees, once goods are in our delivery counter we send SMS to you to take delivery of your goods. With this service we hope to be able to keep you updated with your goods, and you can track and keep yourself updated on the status of the goods.
Our apology, as we are not able to reply to each and every query, and also phone calls, due to the volume of query and also, due to the current situation, we will always strive to provide and improve our services each day, to make it more convenient to our clients, and also cater to your needs, we would welcome any feedback from our clients, and we will strive to address any positive feedback you would have, do send us your feedback to
Thank You
DrukBees Management