Update on Goods

Update on your Orders: Where are our Goods ?, as soon as Thimphu and Paro started the unlocking and relaxation of lockdown, we have been preparing for delivery of the Online orders of goods by our DrukBees Customers, we are yet to reach it to Thimphu, and goods are on transit and will be in our Thimphu DrukBees Counter, this 1st of Feb, 2021 (Monday) as soon as the inter Dzongkhag movement is allowed. As soon as the goods reaches our counter, we will be sending SMS to our clients for pick up, as the volume is huge, we request our clients to bear with us, and only come to our counters once you receive the SMS to collect your goods, to avoid crowds, and for us to be able to clear the back log of more than 2 months of goods collected and waiting to be delivered from our counter in Thimphu. And some clients have requested us to deliver their goods to different locations, which we tried for some clients, and wherever we could we tired to accommodate, but for some clients we genuinely could not find your goods from thousand of goods packed and already loaded for transhipment and transport to Thimphu, hence our apology, and some were kind enough to request us to keep their goods with us, till they return from their outside travel for few months, thank you for you kind understanding, and we will strive to do it better next time. We have also posted the picture of the loaded goods, as some customers wanted to know where their goods were, and why we cannot just take out their goods and deliver to a different location than the one they have chosen earlier, and some wanted a proof of their goods actually with us, and to send us picture of their package, which we were not able to do for many, due to it being packed, loaded, and in transit, we hope this picture would convince you, that it was truly very difficult to sort and take out and find your package from the load. And thank you again for bearing with us, and we hope to be able to deliver from the afternoon of this coming monday, that is 1st of Feb, 2021.   Sincerely DrukBees Management.