Goods Pick Up Confirmation

Update on Goods confirmation: Please refer our earlier announcements We would like to announce that from today, starting 01-02-2021 (1st Feb, 2021) as stated in our earlier notifications, the confirmation of goods, that is confirmation of goods for pick up, once it reaches our the final delivery address in India, where it will be then handed over to our DrukBees Agent, at that instance, our system will send SMS alerts / notifications to our clients, the sms will contain the confirmation link for your goods, which you need to confirmed within a day, all confirmations that are not confirmed within a day’s time will expire, and the goods will not be picked up, therefore please confirm as per the stipulated timeframe, as mentioned here, for us to be able to pick up your goods and deliver to you smoothly. For package below BTN 2,000 (Two Thousand) we will provide few more days,  after which the link will expire and goods will not be picked up. And as mentioned in our earlier announcements in December 2020, we would like to reiterate that all goods needs to be confirmed, there is no cancellation of the goods once it is reaches the our DrukBees Agents, therefore if any cancellation required, we request our clients to cancel the goods prior to it reaching our agents, on the apps / site from which the goods were ordered, adhering to their cancellation procedures and process. Goods that are ordered and not picked up, leads to your address getting blocked by the online shop from where you buy the products, and also it will disable COD / POD facilities that you must be getting presently. Therefore we request our clients to be aware of this. Some new clients, who cannot avail COD / POD, it is due to being new client for the new address, once you get few products by using cards / gift cards, the COD / POD options gets enabled. Also not that COD/POD facility is not offered by all sellers on the online shop, even within the same online shop, some sellers offer and some do not offer. This is to clear many confusions that some of our clients have. DrukBees Management.