Online Orders

Our Request: We would like to make this request to our online clients, who buy goods from Indian online shops, to only orders goods that you genuinely need, and for your own / self consumption, also please donot let others use your address or your DrukBees ID, as your DrukBees ID is unique to you and to your mobile number, as goods ordered using your DrukBees ID and address, will be delivered to you, and if you donot take delivery, your address are blocked by the online shop, which will hamper your future purchase from Online Shops. Therefore, once you order the goods, and if it has reached the final courier service in India, you will get and SMS to confirm your order, which is a requirement for all orders made in your DrukBeesID, and therefore cannot be cancelled, from the SMS link, hence if you want to cancel, any of your orders it must be done from the online shop’s apps or website you made the order from, and incase the goods that reach the final courier company and when you get SMS from DrukBees, and if you donot confirm or donot take delivery of the goods after it reaches the counters in Bhutan, the online shops blocks your address for future shopping, therefore it is our request to all our valued clients to only make order of the goods your will take delivery and to ensure that your online shopping address doesnot get blocked, please only buy the goods you need and you will take delivery of. Also to correctly declare your goods to the customs in Bhutan, our system will ask your CID numbers or other valid document number for declaration of your goods with the Bhutan Customs, therefore please do provide the required information, on the confirmation page link for the goods order, that our system will send to you, when your goods reaches the final delivery courier agents in India. We also might need information on the type of goods, whether it is Cloths, Shoes, Mobile Phones, Laptops or others, as required by the customs, while declaring your goods, which at present, as we are not able to physically check your goods due to the quarantine requirements of the goods coming into Bhutan, therefore please also correctly provide that information, if our system asks of you on the confirmation page, we look forward to your support to make your online shopping smooth and timely. Please check this links for details on online shopping from India:
Online Shopping
And check this link for details on the customs tax and other import related rules. You can also check the Department of Customs website for TAX details Restricted Goods as per Bhutan Customs for any form of import Thank you. DrukBees Management.